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Bolt Data Connect

With Bolt Data Connect, companies improve and automate service delivery using IoT-powered asset data.

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Built natively on Salesforce, Bolt Data Connect helps asset-centric companies manage, optimize and operationalize all of their connected assets to enable automation. Quickly deployed with no code required.

Improve Asset Reliability
Resolve asset issues before they fail with maintenance schedules and preventative maintenance. And if an asset does fail, service teams get notified in real-time to get the asset back up and running and keep customers happy.

Automate Part Ordering  
With remote asset control and diagnostics, you can automate the creation of sales orders for parts and consumables based on custom thresholds. Using real-time asset data and event orchestration, streamline parts replenishment for a no-touch process, reducing manual effort.

Unlock Revenue Streams
Generate new revenue by charging your customers for asset usage with Asset-as-a-Service models. Plus, use asset data to personalize service plans, gain insight into key accounts and make data-driven decisions.


Asset Monitoring

Summary views and actionable insights into asset health and performance

Visualize and analyze asset performance data so that users know what’s going on out in the field. The IoT Dashboard, Map, and Data Tables provide insightful and actionable views of all your connected "Things".

Anomaly Detection & Failure Prediction

Rules and algorithms remotely monitor and analyze asset trends

Bolt Data Connect uses AI and Machine Learning to detect asset performance anomalies and predict asset failures. When issues arise, users are notified in a language that is easy to understand.

AI Service Response

Automate service responses in real-time with AI recommendations

Bolt Data Connect streamlines scheduling onsite service and maintenance for assets by generating work orders automatically to dispatch technicians when issues arise.

Remote Triage, Inspection & Reporting

Access assets to triage issues and deliver service without dispatching a service technician

Assets can be accessed remotely through Bolt Data Connect, enabling service teams to troubleshoot and diagnose issues without a truck roll. Additionally, they can remotely execute commands, such as resetting an asset. 

Field Service Effectiveness

Equip technicians with real-time and historic asset data to complete service requests effectively

Bolt Data Connect reduces onsite service time and improves first time fix rates by helping field technicians quickly and accurately identify the root cause of asset performance issues. Plus, real-time and historical data is available on any mobile device.

Performance Data Snapshots

Share asset data leading up to alerts or events and quickly attach to work orders, service reports and more

Data Snapshots capture sensor data within a designated time frame. They can be manually created or automatically generated upon specified system events. Snapshots can also be added to service reports as evidence of service completion.

Usage-based Preventative Maintenance

Track asset usage and health to schedule service when it’s needed

Optimize preventative maintenance contracts by scheduling service based on asset usage or condition rather than fixed intervals, ensuring services are delivered only when necessary. 


Enable self-service transactions using asset’s UI to engage customers 

Bolt Data Connect turns an asset’s UI into a function-rich, digital channel capable of delivering self-guided repair instructions, hosting chat sessions with remote service professionals, or enabling a customer so schedule onsite service.

Asset Auto Registration & Tracking

Automatically create new asset records and entitlement records

When an asset comes online, it is automatically registered in Bolt Data Connect, saving administrators the manual time and effort required for registering each device.

Servitization (Asset-as-a-Service)

Selling asset uptime and usage that can be confidently delivered and accurately monetized

Optimize your revenue generation by adopting a dynamic pricing model that charges customers based on real-time asset usage instead of the traditional outright purchase. Plus, invoices are automatically generated for timely customer billing.

Usage-based Marketing

Deliver personalized sales and marketing campaigns based on asset conditions and usage

Marketing teams can leverage Bolt Data Connect's asset data to create personalized and automated marketing campaigns. For example, if a filter needs to be replaced, an automated email can be triggered, offering a discount on the filter.

Evidence-Based Selling

Auto-create sales opportunities containing empirical evidence such as asset end-of-life indicators

Bolt Data Connect helps sales teams identify new sales opportunities from their existing customer base and provides them with relevant data to support the sale. Opportunities are auto-generated with end-of-asset-life indicators like asset age and historic service costs. 



Reduced Asset Maintenance Costs

Bolt Data Connect automatically schedules maintenance tasks and dispatches technicians based on real-time asset performance. By servicing assets only when necessary, manufacturers can avoid dispatching costly technicians. Plus, service requests are incorporated into manufacturing workflows, meaning faster service response times and less production disruption.

Activate New Manufacturing Revenue Streams

With Bolt Data Connect, manufacturers can diversify their revenue streams by offering their customers dynamic pricing models and usage-based billing. Manufacturers can monetize real-time asset usage and auto-generate invoices with precise billing details.

Supply Chain Resiliency

Using Bolt Data Connect to ensure asset uptime, disruptions to downstream processes are minimized. This reliability in production schedules enables better coordination with suppliers and reduces the risk of inventory shortages or delays in fulfilling customer orders. 


IoT connected assets refer to physical devices embedded with sensors, software, and connectivity capabilities that enable them to collect and exchange data over the internet. IoT connected assets  communicate time series data which can be analyzed by Bolt Data Connect.
Bolt Data Connect is built natively on Salesforce so users don't have to switch between different platforms to manage and monitor assets; everything is done within Salesforce. This means Bolt Data Connect can seamlessly communicate with Rootstock objects, allowing manufacturers to have a single source of truth. 
Bolt Data Connect is designed to support nearly any asset imaginable. Even if your asset doesn't have sensors or connectivity hardware, we offer ruggedized hardware solutions to retrofit them.
Most Bolt Data Connect customers are able to go-live within weeks to begin monitoring their connected assets in Salesforce.
Bolt Data Connect is the only Salesforce-native IoT asset data monitoring application currently available. No other solution can leverage Salesforce's capabilities for data processing, analytics, and collaboration, offering a comprehensive solution within the Salesforce environment.
Nope! Bolt Data Connect is a no-code application allowing users to configure and customize settings without the need for coding. Both technical and non-technical users can easily leverage the power of IoT asset monitoring within Salesforce.


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