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The only All-In-Won Complete AI-Powered Digital Quality+ Platform

The only solution to intelligently automate compliance operations with a unified PLM, QMS, EHS, and SRM.


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Transform to a fully connected business with a next-generation AI-powered Product Lifecycle, Quality, Safety, and Supplier management platform, built on Salesforce.

ComplianceQuest offers an AI-powered comprehensive solution stack, including Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Enterprise Quality Management Systems (EQMS), Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS), and Supplier Management (SRM), all built on the Salesforce platform. The suite helps businesses of all sizes enhance product quality, ensure safety, and manage suppliers effectively. With its intelligent, data-driven approach, ComplianceQuest enables companies to mitigate risks—safeguarding employees, suppliers, and brand reputation. Additionally, the platform fosters innovation and compliance, which in turn drives profits and strengthens customer loyalty.

Pre-validated for ease of implementation, ComplianceQuest is user-friendly and maintains a high standard of ease in maintenance. This ensures that businesses can benefit from streamlined communication and collaboration across the entire product value chain, making it a comprehensive tool for managing the complexities of modern industries. Whether enhancing operational efficiencies or navigating regulatory landscapes, ComplianceQuest provides all the necessary tools to thrive in today's competitive market.


Product Lifecycle

Take Control of your Product Lifecycle from Vision to Production

Design Quality

Infuse Quality into your Product Development Process

Complaints Management

Leverage complaints for insights and continuous improvement

Document and Learning Management

Modern, Simple and Compliant Document and Learning Management

Quality Management

Elevate Your Standards with a AI-powered Quality Management Solution

Risk Management

Integrate risk management in quality processes

Supplier Management

Gain Complete Control Over Your Supplier Management

Health & Safety

Ensure your Employee Health and Safety and Protect your Organization

Environmental and Sustainability

Drive Change, Streamline Reporting and Achieve Sustainability and ESG Goals



Next-Gen Platform

A native cloud platform built on Salesforce with unmatched reliability, scalability, and security.


OOB and Embedded Hyperautomation, Predictive Analytics and Applied AI use cases for trend recognition, decision support, and repetitive manual tasks

Report on Anything & Everything

Access any data with no limits for reporting, dashboards and analytics

Unified Solutions

Wide breadth of connected solutions with best-in-class workflows all in one platform

Modern User Experience

Intuitive and easy to use, with mobile access, guided workflows, Next Best Action/Task recommendations and UI specific for infrequent and casual users for easy adoption

Complete Flexibility

Fully configurable platform, connectivity to thousands of applications and easy access to APIs for external system integration


The Digital Quality+ Platform by ComplianceQuest is an AI-powered platform that integrates various quality management components such as PLM, QMS, EHS, and Supplier Management to drive brand and revenue growth while managing costs and risks across products, people, partners, processes, and performance.
ComplianceQuest’s Quality Management System (QMS) is an integral part of the Digital Quality+ Platform designed to enhance the quality across various stages of product lifecycle and operations. The QMS uses AI-powered analytics and automated workflows to boost efficiency, reduce errors, and maintain high standards of quality management. 
Yes, the platform transforms customer complaints into valuable insights for continuous improvement through smart automations and integrated regulatory reporting, effectively using these complaints for quality enhancement. 
The platform transforms employee health and safety performance by enabling accessible reporting and effective management, communication, and analysis of data, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.
The platform enables organizations to proactively and accurately monitor and measure their impact on the environment, thus improving performance and achieving environmental and sustainability targets.
It improves supplier performance, reduces costs, and streamlines the supply chain with integrated supplier quality and collaboration tools, giving complete control over supplier management.
The platform facilitates cross-functional collaboration and accelerates the product lifecycle from vision to production by using a cloud-based platform that supports innovation and compliant market launches.


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Partner Type

Software Vendors